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Kids Obstacle Races at A Spartan Race

At Spartan Race, our mission is to inspire children to develop a love for fitness at an early age. Our "Jr. Spartans" obstacle course races for kids 4-8 are about a 1⁄2 mile and our 1 mile kids spartan races are for older "Varsity Spartans" aged 9-13. Both kids races are filled with obstacle styles and amounts tailored just for them.

Each child will receive a T-shirt and Finisher's Medal with 100% of the Jr. Spartan Adventure proceeds benefiting the Kids Fit Foundation. As a leader in the movement to help children learn life-long health and fitness habits, the Kids Fit Foundation strives to raise awareness and develop programs that educate, empower and inspire kids to become and stay fit.

So remember, Spartan Races are not only limited to adult fun! Bring your kids ages 4-13 and they can participate in their very own Jr. Spartan Race. Just like you, they will enjoy the thrill of the run, a variety of scaled down obstacles and their own mini festival area filled with games and children's challenges!

Why Spartan Racing For Kids?

get your kids Spartan racingSpartan Kids Races are about a return to the childlike sense of adventure that we’ve lost while getting sucked up into "normal life". Spartan Races wants to keep this sense of adventure alive in our kids BEFORE they lose it.

Today, a typical child devotes an average 7.5 hours each day to entertainment media: TV, video games, cell phones, and movies.

Physical activity is essential in helping children control weight, build lean muscle, reduce fat, and develop strong bones, muscles and joints. The challenges in a Spartan Kids Race are ideally suited to building a fitter, stronger, and healthier youngster.

More importantly, the sense of fun and camaraderie inherent in our races will help instill within your kids a sense of excitement and respect for fitness.

Spartan Races are about building a healthy and active community of people. Spartan Kid Races allow us to help build stronger families.

Want to see a Kids Spartan Race near you? Use our Contact Us page and let us know.

How To Signup Your Kids

It is as easy as you signing up for a Spartan Race. You can either sign your child up the day of the race at the registration area OR even easier, cheaper and better, sign them up online when you sign up. To register your child online:

1 - Pick a USA race from our Event page at

2 - On the event specific race page you picked, click the yellow REGISTER button on the top right for the race day you want (Saturday or Sunday)

the REGISTER button

3 - During page 1 of the Registration process pick the appropriate age group under the "Jr. Spartan Kids Race" heat/heading and register for it

the signup box

Kids Race Details... Please Read

  • Jr. Spartan race = 0.5 miles ages 4-8
  • Varsity Spartan race = 1 mile  ages 9-13
  • Spartan Kids’ heats go off between 12pm and 1pm on race day
  • Pre-Register: $25 via the internet
  • Day of Registration: $30
  • Kids Registration and check-in closes at noon so please be early
  • Save some time, download and fil out the Kids Waiver and bring it with you
  • All parents/guardians will need a Spectator pass for the Jr. Spartan Race. Tickets can be purchased online at a discount or on-site the day of the race.
  • INTERNATIONAL NOTE: Spartan Kids Races are in the USA and are now offered in the UK and Canada at Sprint events ONLY

Spartan Kids Gallery

Spartan Race is not only limited to adult fun! These pictures of little spartans racing say it all. There are even more on our Jr. Spartan Pinterest page.

Contact Spartan Race or Request A Kids Race

contact Spartan Race

If you want to send us a message specific to Spartan Race Kids Races, you can use this form. Before contacting us, please consider reviewing our FAQ if your question is not already answered here.

If you or your kids or your school would like to see a Spartan Kids race in your area, let us know - give us your Location below and drop some comments in the Comment section.

Parent Testimonials

  • As a Spartan Racer and parent of two Spartan children, I couldn't be prouder to see my son and daughter compete in a Spartan Race. I look forward to the day when we can race side by side.
    Thank you Spartan Race for having the only obstacle race for Children. It means so much to me to be able to spend time training with and bond with my children while doing something I am so passionate about. And to watch my daughter finish was awesome. She had such a look of accomplishment on her face. It has been a real confidence booster for her. In this Technologically advanced day and age, you are a big help in getting people off the couch and living life. Thank you.
  • It means everything to me that my son ran his first Spartan Race at age 10. My son has not given himself too much credit for being in good shape, but the race has given him a complete turnaround in confidence and motivation. I am no not able to attend any Spartan Races without him coming along for the kid’s race. We are currently having an argument right now on why he cannot come along to Vermont for me doing the Ultra Beast. This one is tough to explain to him but I will not let him skip any others that I am able to attend.
    A family that Spartans together, stays together!!! Spartan Race Kid Race, best day care ever!!!
  • My son has not raced yet but he gets pissed each time we go to a race and they wont let him run cause he is only three. There will be no prouder moment for me next year to watch my little guy earn his first spartan medal at 4 yrs old!!
    Watching my daughter and all the other kids compete in the kids race was amazing! It gave me hope in our future. There is so much media on obese kids, watching the little athletes give it there all showed me the future is looking bright!
    So proud of my daughter Sabrina, she just ran the Spartan Race and is covered in mud head to toe and all I can do is look at her and smile!
  • My 13 year old ran at the Mid Atlantic. Hobie was his gladiator; that made an impression that will last a lifetime. He is a LAX star but the foot work Hobie has kept him from getting around. I know he will be training with me for his first full Spartan next year :-) Thanks for allowing him to get a taste and benefiting the Kids Fit Foundation is a sweet cherry on top of the entire thing
    Instead of having a babysitter watch the kids, bring them out to the races. There's something for every age group to get involved in.